Our July Unschooling Resources and Activities

by ChristinaPilkington on August 1, 2012 · 6 comments

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The first three weeks of July were exciting, adventurous and energizing. It’s not every month we get to take a three week road trip across the East Coast, visiting 8 states and two Canadian providences.  You can read about our trip in my last post here.

But for the last 9 days of the month it’s been….not as much fun. Both Jared and Alexa had fevers over 102 for about 3-4 days. Then I caught it, which led to a more serious sinus infection (I’ve been pretty good these past few months of fighting them off when they start with natural oils and diet), but this one really did me in. I’m on another steroid treatment with antibiotics.

It’s crazy, though, how even when kids can be that sick, they still want to jump around and be just as physical- something I’m not prepared to do at all when I’m sick! They still swam outside in the pool for several hours at a time, rode bikes, and did flips on the bed. If only I could have that type of energy, too (sigh).

So we go from playing in the ocean and looking down from the Empire State Building to high fevers and three doctor visits in one day within the same month. Even so, I didn’t mind the change of pace this last week, with lots of stories and games and talking. I’ve always craved a lot of variety in my life. I could do without the sickness being part of that variety, though!

Here are the resources we used and activities we did mostly during the last part of July.


The Rocky Mountains

Colorado: The Centenial State

Penguins and Antartica: a nonfiction companion to Eve of the Emperor Penguin

Eve of the Emperor Penguin: A Magic Treehouse book

Olympics History

Can you see what I see: On a Scary Night?

The Mystery in the Rocky Mountains (A Carole Marsh Mystery)

Where is Home, Little Pip?

The Lunch Line

The Ghost Town Mystery (A Boxcar Children Mystery)

Mister Monopoly’s Amusement Park: A Math Adventure

The Little House Cookbook  (we looked through this book for new recipies to try)

Made in China: Ideas and Inventions from Ancient China

The Warlord’s Messengers

The Warlord’s Beads 


Lots and lots of the Olympics (which is inspiring a big interest in gymnastics. The kids also received swim goggles from my mom, and that’s encouraged them to finally swim all the way under the water. Yea!)

Touring the Rockies


Dino Squad episodes  This is a really cute series. I was surprised at how much math and science there was in most of the episodes, too.

Spy Kids

Super Hero Squad episodes

My Little Pony episodes

Alhoa, Scooby Doo!

Doo Meets the Boo Brothers


Adventures in Babysitting


Don’t Break the Ice

Silly Sentences

Sequence Cards

Lego Heroica Game: The Caverns of Nathuz

Whip Cream Abacus: This is a game I made up spur-of-the-moment. I’d give Jared a 2-diget number addition problem to solve on the abacus and then I’d squirt a big dollop of whip cream in his mouth. Then he’d give a problem to Alexa and give her a squirt of whip cream, and then, finally, I’d get my turn. Fun!

At Home Fun

Outside: sandbox play, chase, swinging, playing in the pool, riding bikes, riding scooters

Inside: Lots of pretend play games, figure games, lego play

Hieroglyphics Cartouche Project – We found this project in the book Geography through Art: International Art Projects for Kids. You cut an oval out of cardboard and then design your own hieroglyphs by thinking about what symbols people think of when they hear your name. Then we hole-punched it, run a piece of yarn though it, and hung it on their bedroom door.


Out of the House Activities

Library Visits & Grocery Shopping

Yearly Doctor Check-up (plus Jared  and Alexa had high fever from viral infection)

My two doctor check-ups (My kids have gotten quite an education on the upper respiratory system of the human body!)



On the Computer, Kindle or I-Phone

Kindle:  Plants Vs. Zombies,

Computer:  https://mascot-games.london2012.com/default.aspx  www.pbskids.org,

PC Games: Zoo Tychoon 2

Photo Credit: gordsam

What have been some of your favorite activities or resources this July?

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  • http://profiles.google.com/kacagle Karen Terry Cagle

    I always love your monthly wrap ups! I am so sorry you and your sweet kids are sick. I hate being sick in the summer. It always is worse for some reason. Great list of resources as always Christina!

    • christinapilkington

      Thanks, Karen! I’m doing much better today and so are the kids. I hate going on the steriods, but sometimes they are they only way I can totally get rid of all the junk in my system. I’ve been trying to catch up on all my blog reading that I missed while we were away and now with these two weeks of being sick. I also have something to ask you, too, so I’ll be heading to your site either today or tomorrow.

  • http://www.littlehomeschoolontheprairie.com/index.html Jenn

    I look forward to your lists every month! I get so many great ideas. I’m pretty sure my girls would do math all day long if whipped cream were involved:)

    We’ve been managing our family’s health with diet and essential oils for some time now too with really good results. I hope all of you are feeling better now.

    • christinapilkington

      Thanks so much, Jen! I’ve been feeling better since going on the steriods. I hate doing it, but it’s been 5 months since last time, so things are getting better. I’ve been catching up on reading all the posts on your blog that I’ve missed these last few months of being gone. I plan on jumping over and commenting later today, but I think I’m going to try your daily teaspoon, or maybe tablespoon?, of honey every day. I’ve heard several people rave about that.

  • http://creatingtreasures.blogspot.com/ tereza crump

    I am so sorry your kids and you have been sick.

    The kids caught a cold too the last day they participated in the Drama Camp a few weeks ago. But I had been taking oil of oregano for a few weeks and saw the great result in me that I decided to give to them. Within a day they were feeling better. And like you said, it didn’t slow them down.

    Get better soon. :)

    • christinapilkington

      Thanks, Tereza! I’m doing so much better today. I almost have no sinus pressure at all. I agree that oregano has been so great for me for fighting off colds and helping me get better more quickly. Except for this recent bout, when I’ve felt sick, I usually take four drops of doterra oregano, On Guard, and frankincense. One of my problems is that I start to feel a little something coming on and then just ignore it for a few days, hoping it will get better. After I’m done with this treatment, I’m going to be a lot more proactive and start to work on things the second I don’t feel good.

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