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Crafts for Kids Who are Wild About Deserts by Kathy Ross

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 The book has several easy crafts to make, like this envelope puppet camel. (Sorry about the head!  Somehow it didn’t make it into the picture). The kids colored the envelope while I drew the legs, head and neck which we attached with staples.

Then all you need to do is slip your hand inside the envelope, and instant puppet!

This diamondback rattlesnake project was so much fun. You really just need a few empty egg cartons and some brown, black and white paint. I don’t have a close up picture, but you use a second egg carton to attach a rattle to the snake, which moves and sways separate from the main body.

My husband usually doesn’t get to be involved with a lot of our projects since he’s at work during the day, but the kids really wanted him to do a  desert craft one evening.

This coyote was the perfect project – fast, easy and fun. We used a used a cereal box for the body, taped on brown construction paper, glued on ears and drew the other body parts.

Like their celebration howls?

Crafts For Kids Who Are Wild About Deserts
is a great hands-on activity book for kids who love animals, particularly small animals who live in the desert. We made a lot of these crafts a few months before we went on a desert trip ourselves, so it was a great way to get excited about our upcoming adventures. The crafts are perfect for kids who about 9 and up to do on their own, but my kids are younger and they had just as much doing the crafts with me.

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