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Awesome Ocean Science by Cindy Littlefield

by ChristinaPilkington on March 21, 2011 · 0 comments


Before heading to the Pacific ocean, the kids and I checked out this book of activities related to the ocean. We picked and choose the experiments that interested us, and, because the kids are younger, those that were very hands-on and simple.

One of our favorite experiments was learning how condensation and evaporation works. We put hot water in the bottom of a jar, and then laid a baggie with ice just inside the neck of the jar and held it with a rubber band. After a little while, we were excited as our baggie started to “rain.”

I also really like the experiments that showed what happens when salt and fresh water mix. Hey anything involving food coloring and a medicine dropper has to be fun, right?

Alexa’s favorite experiment was seeing what types of materials absorbed water and which repelled it. We went through the house grabbing different types of materials: shoes, paper towels, plastic bowls, glass, sandpaper, leather and wood. Then Alexa would squeeze a droplet of water on each material to see what happened.  

I actually learned a lot from Awesome Ocean Science (Kids Can! series)
 right along with the kids. The book is divided into six sections: general oceanic principles, waves and currents, shorelines and tide pools, the ocean floor, marine life and ocean conservation. It’s written for 8-10 year olds, but there are many experiments that would also appeal to younger kids, too, depending on their interests. My kids get very excited and are always asking  to do science experiments, so it works well for us at their age.

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